Institut des Sciences de la Terre d'Orléans (France),  Associate Professor

Sept 2017 - 

Stanford University (CA, USA),  Energy Resources Engineering Department

​Oct 2013- Sept 2017

I am interested in multiphase reactive flows in porous media. My work is based on a multiscale strategy using microfluidics experiments in order to improve our knowledge of the key mechanisms of multiphase reactive flows, to improve large scale models, and to identify the relevant couplings between phenomena at different scales under various conditions. 

I am teaching classes in hydrogeology, geochemistry, reactive transport, transport laws. 

Experimental study of dynamics of two-phase immiscible flows in etched-silicon micromodels

- Objectives: understand the underlying physics in multi-phase flow in porous media (processes of Enhanced Oil Recovery, CO2 geological sequestration…).

- Fabrication of 2D etched-silicon micromodels (photolithography, etching, glass bonding).

- Control of the flow conditions in the micromodels and imaging of the flow.

- Development of PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) measurements in micromodels to investigate single-phase and two-phase flows.

- Image processing: image enhancement, detection of particles for PIV measurements, detectin of fluid-fluid interfaces etc.


General : Linux, Windows, MS Office, LaTeX.
Scientific softwares : COMSOL Multiphysics®, MATLAB®, ImageJ, OpenFOAM
Programming languages : C/C++, JAVA.

Experimental skills

Microfluidics                                    Microfabrication: mask design, lithography, PDMS molding, etching,

Optical Microscopy,

Scanning Electron Microscopy,

Raman spectroscopy,

Measurements: Particle Image Velocimetry, Particle Tracking Velocimetry, Dual-Slit,

Voltage-clamp technique (electrophysiology),

 Laboratory techniques: cell culture, viability test, transfections, Western Blot assays

Laboratoire Charles Coulomb (Montpellier, France), Post-doctoral position in nano biosciences


Confinement of ionic bio-channels inside a carbon nanotube for selective ion transport


- liquid nanofiltration for the development of near-zero energy equipment for water desalination and treatment,

- to build hybrid artificial/biological nanoporous system exhibiting exceptional ion transport properties.


- fabrication of micro-devices for nanofluidics based on isolated single-wall carbon nanotubes,

- characterization of the ion transport using patch-clamp-type techniques (electrophysiology).

2010 - present

2010 - present

Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (IMFT, France), Ph. D candidate

2009 - 2012

Flow of concentrated suspensions of Red Blood Cells in microchannels: an experimental study

- Establishment of an experimental microfluidic device for the study of red blood cell flows in microchannels:
o photolithography for mold making, and casting in silicone,
o implementation of the fluidic system for the control of flow conditions,
o imaging of the flow of red blood cells.

- Quantification of flow parameters:
o velocity fields: validation and optimization of the dual-slit technique, application to in vitro flows,
o concentration fields: photometric technique.

- Parametric in vitro study of the phase segregation effect (asymmetries of the distribution of red blood cells and plasma at microvascular bifurcations).

Sanofi (Toulouse, France)

​2009 (6 month)

Acquisition, processing and analysis of biological images

- Development of image processing programs for biological problems of neuronal migration and proliferation of neural stem cells.
- Identification of new factors that reflect neuronal reorganization.
- Development of an application for automated image acquisition.


Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers en région Centre (Orléans, FR)

2017-current (192h/year)

Lectures and practical works for undergraduate and master's students: hydrogeology, reactive transport, geochemistry of natural waters, transport laws, modeling of grounadwater flows, field course in hydrogeology.

Stanford University (CA, USA)

2015, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

Lectures in the Flow through Porous Media Laboratory class: experimental fluid mechanics in porous media

IUT Paul Sabatier (Toulouse), Mesures Physiques department

2009-2012 (64h/year)

Teaching of Electricity, Geometrical and Physical Optics,  Solid Mechanics.

Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse


PhD specialized in Fluid Dynamics.

Institut Supérieur de Biosciences de Paris
Master of Science in Biosciences


Options : Bio-imaging -Computing, Biomechanics-Biomaterials


2013 - Léopold Escande Prize: best thesis in Engineering, National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse.


2012 - Best Poster Prize, 37th Annual Meeting of the Biomechanics Society.